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CosmosAI's Journey of Technological Marvel: Shaping the Future Since 2020

In 2020, CosmosAI emerged in the heart of the Swiss Crypto Valley, founded by a group of top-notch encryption technology and computer science PhDs from Europe and the United States. Driven by their passion for technology and innovation, they set out to create a leading artificial intelligence and computing power network platform.

In 2021, CosmosAI forged a partnership with the Future Networks Research Centre in the United Kingdom, embarking on a collaborative journey to advance the research and development of computing power networks and the next generation of the internet. This strategic alliance accelerated CosmosAI's innovation pace and laid a solid foundation for its technological advancements.

By 2022, CosmosAI introduced the first-generation prototype of its computing power network, integrating cutting-edge encryption technologies and distributed computing capabilities. The prototype offered users a secure and efficient platform for sharing and allocating computing resources, empowering artificial intelligence applications and large-scale computing projects.

Fast forward to 2023, CosmosAI has emerged as a pioneer in the industry, thanks to its innovative technologies and exceptional performance. Its computing power network rapidly attracted global partners, including renowned technology companies, research institutions, and government agencies. Together, these partners are dedicated to driving the development of CosmosAI, expanding its application scenarios and solutions.

Simultaneously, the CosmosAI team continues to push the boundaries of technology through ongoing research and development. They have delved into fields such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and other cutting-edge domains. Their algorithmic research and development efforts have endowed the computing power network with formidable intelligent computing capabilities, supporting digital transformation and innovation across various industries.

In 2023, CosmosAI's computing power network has evolved into a global leader and innovator. Collaborating with world-class research institutions, they are jointly advancing breakthroughs and applications in computing power network technology. Through expanded partnerships, CosmosAI's influence and reach continue to expand.

Through relentless innovation and collaboration, CosmosAI has established a strong reputation and influence in the technology landscape. Its computing power network revolutionizes industries, accelerating the development and application of artificial intelligence technologies. Looking ahead, CosmosAI will continue to lead the technological revolution, ushering in an era of intelligence and connectivity in our digital world.

man using laptop in front of brown chair
man using laptop in front of brown chair

Our mission

Is to build a smarter world together. We believe that by connecting the power of distributed computing and artificial intelligence, we can address global challenges, drive sustainable development, and enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities. Through collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision, we are committed to shaping a future where technology empowers and uplifts humanity.

Our vision

Is to empower global innovation by providing a scalable and accessible platform for distributed computing and AI. We aspire to foster a vibrant ecosystem where individuals, organizations, and communities collaborate, experiment, and push the boundaries of what's possible. Together, we can unleash the full potential of technology and drive groundbreaking advancements that positively impact the world.

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Our team

CosmosAI emerged in the heart of the Swiss Crypto Valley, founded by a group of top-notch encryption technology and computer science PhDs from Europe and the United States.

IVO Lovelac

Founder / CEO

Elowen Watson

Co-founder / CTO

Zeno gray

Co-founder / CMO

Michael brown